Commit fd9aaaa0 authored by Mario Hock's avatar Mario Hock
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Fix issue with the display of CPU states

The wrong number was shown for the 2nd state
parent 27a12572
......@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ def display(measurement):
t = '{0: >8}'.format( CPU_TYPE_LABELS[cpu_sorted[1][0]] )
stdscr.addstr(y, LABEL_CPU_2, t, curses.color_pair(4))
stdscr.addstr("{:>5.2f}%".format(cpu_sorted[0][1]), curses.color_pair(3))
stdscr.addstr("{:>5.2f}%".format(cpu_sorted[1][1]), curses.color_pair(3))
num += 1
y += 1
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