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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ require:
- rubocop-performance
DisplayCopNames: true
TargetRubyVersion: 2.5.5
TargetRubyVersion: 2.5.6
- 'bin/*'
- 'db/**/*'
sudo: required
dist: trusty
dist: bionic
language: ruby
bundler: true
# Chemotion_ELN Changelog
## [v0.5.0]
> 2019-10-08
* Features
* Analysis type according to Chemical Ontology (owl)
* export data from whole collections as zip (and import them)
* server notification system to users. E.g: user get notified when:
- the report generation is done
- it needs to refresh the browsers page to reload the cached application (update)
* Admin UI:
- NB: migrations will seed a default admin account => you need to change its password
email: `` , pw: `PleaseChangeYourPassword`
- basic user management functions + direct notification to user
- DataCollector device configuration
- global notification to users
* Green Chemistry calculator for reaction
* RInChI integration
* new reporting functions
* sample/reaction large image preview from their element lists on hover
* clone samples/reactions to one's Chemotion Repository account (
* Upgrade Notes:
* must do: change the default password of the default admin account (vide supra)
* should do: reports are now stored as attachments run rake task
`data:ver_20180812115719_add_colums_to_attachment` to ensure the retrievability of previously generated
## [v0.4.0]
* Features
* Element list: added time range filter / product filter
version: 0.5.0
base_revision: 5ea35c41f2bbf19899085d8287f7af99893c33c0
base_revision: bc7f70ab3e43c3d9372349b0ba65582aaf2f5519
current_revision: 0
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