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AFF --- A container for numbers

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This software is part of the project Seitosh. See README.1st in the root
directory of the collection or for
general installation instructions.
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The AFF (Array of Friederich and Forbriger) is a lightweight class library. It
offers a simple and easy to use container for numbers as is necessary in
numerical code. The offered array always has a rectangular strided layout,
reference semantics (through counted references) and a Fortran layout in
memory. The interface is intentionally kept sparse to keep compilation times
small. The array itself is meant to be used to pass numbers from one program
module to the other. If you want to exploit the power of expression templates,
pass the array contents to something like Blitz++.

 environment variables:
  LOCINCLUDEDIR   Defines the path where header files will be copied for
                  usage in your own projects. You will pass this path to
                  the precompiler with the -I option.
  LOCLIBDIR       Defines the path where the binary library will be
  TF_WWWBASEDIR   Defines the path to your personal homepage. That's the
                  place where doxygen output will be written too (see
                  in the Makefile).

 make all             installs headers, binary libraries and documentation

You will find the installed library header files in $(LOCINCLUDEDIR)/aff

  external dependencies: -
  internal dependencies: -
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Detailed documentation is provided through doxygen source code. See target
doxydoc in the Makefile.

----- END OF README -----