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......@@ -2,24 +2,22 @@ INSTALL for DENISE
A detailed installation instruction is provided in the chapter 5 of the
documentation (manual_DENISE.pdf).
documentation (DENISE/doc/manual_DENISE.pdf). If the manual is not compiled,
please use the script DENISE/doc/
Before compiling the main program DENISE you have to compile the required
additional libraries. In the DENISE/par directory simply use the shell script
To compile DENISE a MAKEFILE is available in the DENISE/par directory. To
use the MAKEFILE type
which should install the following libraries:
in the DENISE/par directory. The MAKEFILE compiles the additional libaries
lib cseife
lib stfinv
lib aff
lib fourier
To compile the program DENISE you can use the shell script located in the
Directory DENISE/par:
before compiling the main program DENISE.
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