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......@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ Default value is:
With this option pure acoustic modelling and/or inversion can be performed (ACOUSTIC = 1). Only a P-wave and a density model need to be provided. Acoustic modelling and inversion can be a quick estimate, especially for marine environments.
For acoustic modelling the option VELOCITY is not available and only PARAMETERIZATION = 1 is possible.
For acoustic modelling only PARAMETERIZATION = 1 is possible.
\section{PSV and SH modelling}
......@@ -475,9 +475,7 @@ void read_par_json(FILE *fp, char *fileinp){
if (get_int_from_objectlist("VELOCITY",number_readobjects,&VELOCITY,varname_list, value_list)){
fprintf(fp,"Variable VELOCITY is set to default value %d.\n",VELOCITY);
declare_error("For acoustic inversion option VELOCITY not available");*/
if (get_int_from_objectlist("USE_WORKFLOW",number_readobjects,&USE_WORKFLOW,varname_list, value_list)){
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