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# What is IFOS2D?
**IFOS2D** (**I**nversion of **F**ull **O**bserved **S**eismograms) is a 2-D elastic full waveform inversion code.
The inversion problem is solved by a conjugate gradient method and the gradients are computed in the time domain by the adjoint state method.
The forward modeling is done by a time domain Finite-Difference scheme.
......@@ -9,6 +10,7 @@ IFOS2D is the reverse (inverse) of our 2-D Finite-Difference forward solver [**S
The [**manual**]( is included in the download archive or can be downloaded [here](
# Download and Newsletter
Release: [![build status](]( Beta: [![build status](](
You can download the [**latest Release 2.0.2**]( or the current [**Beta-Version**](
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