1. 23 Oct, 2015 2 commits
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      [TASK] (vendor_Seitosh): vendor drop of 23.10.2015 · 25190a67
      thomas.forbriger authored
      Drop current version of Seitosh code. The contents are taken vom branch master
      of [Seitosh](https://git.scc.kit.edu/Seitosh/Seitosh). The current master
      commit in Seitosh is 8d7894a642.
      Commands executed in the root directory of DENISE:
        rm -rfv contrib
        mkdir -pv contrib
        cp -vprd ~/git/Seitosh/src/libs/libaff contrib/aff
        cp -vprd ~/git/Seitosh/src/libs/libfourier contrib/fourier
        cp -vprd ~/git/Seitosh/src/libs/libseife contrib/libcseife
        cp -vprd ~/git/Seitosh/src/libs/libstfinv contrib/stfinv
        git add --force contrib
      Since Seitosh on purpose does not provide export branches where source code
      exports would be assembled in a hand-picked fashion, whole subdirectories from
      Seitosh are simply copied. As a conseqeunce, the directory libcseife now also
      contains Fortran code not really required by DENISE.
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      [TASK] (vendor_Seitosh): Seitosh vendor drop from 1.2.2013 · 4b30e1bf
      thomas.forbriger authored
      Replay vendor drop as took place in the original subversion repository of
      DENISE. Source code from the subversion repository of TFSoftware was copied to
      vendor branches aff, cseife, fourier, and stfinv.
      aff:     subversion revision 372
      cseife:  subversion revision 369
      fourier: subversion revision 375
      stfinv:  subversion revision 378
      Source code is copied from tag directories 20130201
      Notice: The contents of this commit are not in sync with the corresponding
      export tags as present in the Seitosh repository. This must be due to
      unintentional modification of files when copying contents as tagged for export
      in TFSoftware to the vendor branch in the subversion repository of (formerly
      called FWI_elastic/DENISE).