1. 02 Nov, 2015 4 commits
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      [FIX] (import_Seitosh): reset variable FC if value is default · 3ae84559
      thomas.forbriger authored
      Check whether FC is set from the value of implicit variables (origin is
      default). If yes, replace value of variable. If not, FC most likely is set by
      intention of the user. Do not alter the value in this case.
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      [TASK] (import_Seitosh): make doxygen output directory local · f64a6bbf
      thomas.forbriger authored
      Let doxygen output be written to a subdirectory of contrib rather than
      To make the doxyview target operational an absolute path name is required.
      Therefore add the abspath function of make to the generation of variable
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      [TASK] (import_Seitosh): read CONTRIBDIR from automatic variable · cd596b6b
      thomas.forbriger authored
      Since vendor Makefiles make use of special GNU make features, we can safely
      rely on GNU make being in operation. GNU make provides the variable
      MAKEFILE_LIST from which the relative path can be extracted at which
      Makefile_var was found. This exactly is the path of the contrib directory,
      such that the user (calling Makefile) needs not set this variable.
      Currently the calling Makefiles still set a variable CONTRIBDIR which then
      simply is overwritten in Makefile_var. Such the setting of CONTRIBDIR is
      unnecessarily doubled.
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      [FIX] (import_Seitosh): set variables in vendor Makefiles · e585525e
      thomas.forbriger authored
      The mechanism in contrib/Makefile_var which was used to set the make variables
      expected by the Seitosh vendor code only worked for Makefiles in the next
      subdirectory level below contrib. This was due to relative paths used in the
      definitions. By passing the relative path of the contrib directory to
      Makefile_var in a make variable, allows Makefile_var to the path values
      appropriately for any Makefile in any directory, which include Makefile_var
  2. 23 Oct, 2015 2 commits
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      [FIX] (import_Seitosh): adjust recent vendor import · addae561
      thomas.forbriger authored
      Apply modifications, such that Seitosh source code is correctly installed
      within the DENISE directory hierarchy upon running make in subdirectory par.
      Modifications applied are:
          - correct syntax for reference to environment variable HOME
          - set FC variable only if not set in environment
          - include contrib/Makefile_var to set installation path variables
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      [TASK] (import_Seitosh): adjust vendor drop for DENISE · b9bba6e0
      thomas.forbriger authored
      The current commit actually is prepared by just copying the contents in
      subdirectory contrib of master (070ed2f0) in DENISE. Apart from minor
      modifications contents are identical with revision 379 in subversion
      repository FWI_elastic/DENISE which was the final import merge after the
      vendor drop of 1.2.2013
  3. 01 Oct, 2015 1 commit