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this is <README>
STFINV -- library for determination of source wavelet correction filter

Create and apply a source wavelet correction filter for full-waveform
inversion of field data.

The purpose of this library (libstfinv) is to provide methods for the
derivation of source wavelet correction filters in approaches to full waveform
inversion. Given a set of recorded data and a set of synthetic data
(typically, but not necessarilly the expected impulse response of the
subsurface) a source wavelet correction filter is obtained by application of a
user-selectable optimization citerion. The synthetic waveforms are convolved
with this filter wavelet and the convolved synthetics as well as the wavelet
itself are returned to the user.

The effective time history of the seismic source used in field recordings is
not well known in most cases. This applies in particular to transient sources
(like explosives or hammer blows). The so-called 'source-time-function' might
even vary from shot to shot. For this reason it is not possible to use an
appropriate source-time-function in the initial simulation of synthetic data
in an approach of full-waveform inversion. However, after synthetic data have
been calculated using a generic source-time-function, a correction filter can
be constructed such that an improved source-time-function will reduce the
misfit to the recorded data.

The software library libstfinv provides several constrained and unconstrained
approaches to finding an optimized source-wavelet correction filter. It is
flexible and capable of being extended with further approaches in the future.
The program soutifu supports application directly to seismic time series data

Software library: libstfinv
The library libstfinv provides a C++ API (application programming interface)
as well as a C API to the user of the library. A Fortran API is not yet
implemented but could be constructed on top of the C API without effort. The
library provides several approaches (procedures) to finding an optimized
source wavelet correction filter. Each of the procedures is addressed through
the same API, such that programs using the library could immediately benefit
from a new approach after its implementation and without need to modify
consumer programs. The different procedures are encapsulated in so-called
'engines'. The procedures are fully controllable by the end-user through
configuration string sequences which are passed to the library.

Stand-alone binary executable: soutifu
A stand-alone binary executable soutifu is provided as well, which makes use
of this library. It can be applied directly to seismic time series data files
and provides access to all engines and supports a variety of data file

soutifu is provided in directory src/ts/wf within Seitosh.

doxygen source code documentation
Detailed documentation of concept and implementation is provided in the source
code. doxygen can be used to create appropriate html files. See target
doxydoc in the Makefile. The libraries API is described there.

Introductory texts are provided in doxygen.txt and are used in the doxygen

User documentation
The theory behind the Fourier domain least squares procedure is outlined by
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Lisa Groos (2013, Appendix F, page 146). She also describes a way to find an
approrpiate water level by application of the L-curve criterion (Groos, 2013,
Appendix G, page 148).

Fragments of a user documentation in LaTeX are propared in subdirectory doc.

Online user documentation to be output by the software itself is provided in
*usage.txt files. End-user documentation is assembled from these text files
and provided by the library through help() and usage() functions. The program
tests/onlinehelp Provides access to these texts. Just issue

  make onlinehelp

to get access.

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A toy example and a step-by-step introduction are provided in subdirectory
src/ts/wf/testcases in README.soutifu

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A short descrpition of the library and the accompanying program soutifu is
provided on the OpenTOAST web-page:

Lisa Groos. 2013. 2D full waveform inversion of shallow seismic Rayleigh waves.
  Dissertation, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie.

See and in the root directory of the repository for
general installation instructions.

environment variables:
  LOCINCLUDEDIR   Defines the path where header files will be copied for
                  usage in your own projects. You will pass this path to
                  the precompiler with the -I option.
  LOCLIBDIR       Defines the path where the binary library will be
  TF_WWWBASEDIR   Defines the path to your personal homepage. That's the
                  place where doxygen output will be written too (see
                  in the Makefile).

make all             installs headers, binary libraries and documentation

This library requires code from libaff and libfourierxx.
Am external dependency is fftw3
The testprogram requires libtfxx in addition.

----- END OF README -----