Commit 31b3547e authored by Florian Wittkamp's avatar Florian Wittkamp


When L-BFGS is used and no Wolfe step length could be found, the L-BFGS needs either be resetted or the algorithm has to switch to the next workflow line.
This fix will let the algorithm switch to the next workflow line without a model update.
parent 0e8335b9
...@@ -3091,6 +3091,9 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv){ ...@@ -3091,6 +3091,9 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv){
calc_mat_change_test(waveconv_up,waveconv_rho_up,waveconv_u_up,prhonp1,prho,ppinp1,ppi,punp1,pu,iter,1,FORWARD_ONLY,alpha_SL,0,nfstart,Vs0,Vp0,Rho0,wavetype_start,s_LBFGS,N_LBFGS,LBFGS_NPAR,Vs_avg,Vp_avg,rho_avg,LBFGS_iter_start); calc_mat_change_test(waveconv_up,waveconv_rho_up,waveconv_u_up,prhonp1,prho,ppinp1,ppi,punp1,pu,iter,1,FORWARD_ONLY,alpha_SL,0,nfstart,Vs0,Vp0,Rho0,wavetype_start,s_LBFGS,N_LBFGS,LBFGS_NPAR,Vs_avg,Vp_avg,rho_avg,LBFGS_iter_start);
alpha_SL_old=1; alpha_SL_old=1;
/* If minimum number of iterations would be enforced, L-BFGS is likely to crash */
} }
/*-----------------------------------------------------*/ /*-----------------------------------------------------*/
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