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    [TASK] (vendor_Seitosh): vendor drop of 23.10.2015 · 25190a67
    thomas.forbriger authored
    Drop current version of Seitosh code. The contents are taken vom branch master
    of [Seitosh](https://git.scc.kit.edu/Seitosh/Seitosh). The current master
    commit in Seitosh is 8d7894a642.
    Commands executed in the root directory of DENISE:
      rm -rfv contrib
      mkdir -pv contrib
      cp -vprd ~/git/Seitosh/src/libs/libaff contrib/aff
      cp -vprd ~/git/Seitosh/src/libs/libfourier contrib/fourier
      cp -vprd ~/git/Seitosh/src/libs/libseife contrib/libcseife
      cp -vprd ~/git/Seitosh/src/libs/libstfinv contrib/stfinv
      git add --force contrib
    Since Seitosh on purpose does not provide export branches where source code
    exports would be assembled in a hand-picked fashion, whole subdirectories from
    Seitosh are simply copied. As a conseqeunce, the directory libcseife now also
    contains Fortran code not really required by DENISE.
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