Commit 0d8bc3d5 authored by Tilman Steinweg's avatar Tilman Steinweg
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added superordinate Makefile

Makefile to install ifos3d with the included library
parent 9a469bc5
# This is par/Makefile
# the command "make" or "make install" installs the
# cseife library and the main code of ifos3d
default: ../ ifos3d
.PHONY: libcseife
$(MAKE) -C ../libcseife install
.PHONY: ifos3d
ifos3d: libcseife
ifdef MODEL
$(MAKE) -C ../src/ ifos3d MODELi_SCR=$(MODEL)
$(MAKE) -C ../src/ ifos3d
.PHONY: install
install: clean-bin ifos3d
.PHONY: clean
rm -rf ../bin/*
$(MAKE) -C ../libcseife clean
$(MAKE) -C ../src/ clean
.PHONY: clean-bin
rm -rf ../bin/*
.PHONY: reinstall
reinstall: clean ifos3d
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