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This is part of IFOS3D
Developer list as well as a contact list for questions and information:
Thomas Bohlen (Thomas.Bohlen[at]
Simone Butzer
Andre Kurzmann
Lisa Groos
SOFI3D developers
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A detailed installation instruction is provided in the documentation.
In a first step install the libcseife library:
- change to the directory libcseife
- adjust compiler options in Makefile
- execute make reinstall
To compile the main program (IFOS3D) a MAKEFILE is available in the
IFOS3D/src directory. If necessary change the compiler options in src/MAKEFILE.
To execute the MAKEFILE use
in the IFOS3D/par directory.
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IFOS3D (Inversion of Full observed seismograms)
is a 3D elastic full waveform inversion code. The inversion problem is solved
by a conjugate gradient method. The gradients are computed in the frequency domain
for discrete frequencies with the adjoint method. The forward modeling is done
in the time domain with a finite difference code on a standard staggered grid.
Installation instructions can be found in the file INSTALL.
A detailed documentation is provided in manual_IFOS3D.pdf.
To get started with this code try to run the toy example that is described
in the documentation (manual_IFOS3D.pdf).
If you use this code for your own research please cite at least one article
written by the developers of the package, e.g.
Butzer, S., Kurzmann, A., & Bohlen, T., 2013. 3D elastic full-waveform inversion of small-
scale heterogeneities in transmission geometry, Geophysical Prospecting, 61(6), 1238-1251.
see file AUTHORS
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