Commit a19a7c59 authored by Florian Wittkamp's avatar Florian Wittkamp
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Bugfix: Timeshift of sinus3

The sinus3 source wavelet was shifted in the wrong direction.
parent 7b840a67
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ float ** wavelet(float ** srcpos_loc, int nsrc){
break; /* source wavelet from file SOURCE_FILE */
case 4 :
if ((t<tshift) || (t>(tshift+ts))) amp=0.0;
else amp=pow(sin(PI*(t+tshift)/ts),3.0);
else amp=pow(sin(PI*(t-tshift)/ts),3.0);
break; /* sinus raised to the power of three */
default :
err("No valid source-wavelet (SOURCE_SHAPE) specified! ");
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