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To compile the program do:
cd sofi2D/src
"make sofi2D"  to compile the standard staggered grid version (SSG)
or "make sofi2D_rsg" to compile the rotated staggered grid version (RSG)

(you probably need to change the compiler options in soif2D/src/Makefile)

To run the program on 4 CPUs do
cd sofi2D/par

mpirun -np 4 ../bin/sofi2D ./in_and_out/sofi2D.json > ./in_and_out/sofi2D.jout

you may also use the shell script

The file sofi2D/par/in_and_out/sofi2D.jout shows the obtained screen output.

The modelling parameters are specified in sofi2D.json. We hope that the
parameters are more or less self-explanatory. The synthetic seismograms 
and snapshots are written to the files specified in sofi2D/par/in_and_out/sofi2D.json.

In the current distribution the model is generated on the fly
by the function sofi2D/src/hh.c. This function generates a homogeneous
medium with Vp=3500 m/s, Vs=2000 m/s, and rho=2000 kg/(m*m*m).
The function readmod.c can be used to read model info from external grid files.
See readmod.c for the format of the external files.
You can change the function which generates the model grid at the beginning of

For more information,  please compile the sofi2D manual in ./sofi2D/doc/guide_sofi2D
or get the manual from