Commit 629aa51a authored by Tilman Steinweg's avatar Tilman Steinweg

Several changes in documentaion

section grid dispersion had mistakes in it.
removed outdated parts.
parent 85acbc9d
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -588,6 +588,24 @@
PAGES = {5--8} }
author = {Courant, {R.} and Friedrichs, {K.} and Lewy, {H.}},
journal = {Mathematische Annalen},
title = {{\"U}ber die partiellen {D}ifferenzen\-gleichungen der mathematischen {P}hysik},
volume = {100},
pages = {32-74},
year ={1928}
author = {Courant, {R.} and Friedrichs, {K.} and Lewy, {H.}},
journal = {IBM Journal},
title = {On the partial difference equations of mathematical physics},
pages = {215-234},
year ={March 1967}
AUTHOR = {Coutant, {O.} and Virieux, {J.} and Zollo, {A.}},
TITLE = {Numerical Source Implementation in a 2D Finite Difference Scheme for
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