Commit fb2210ec authored by uxrog's avatar uxrog
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Merge branch 'fix/flammenwehrfer-output-length' into 'master'

Limit flammenwehrfer's output length for github issues

See merge request !49
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......@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@ fi
echo "Test failed"
echo -e "Output:\n$MJ_OUTPUT"
MJ_OUTPUT="$(echo "$MJ_OUTPUT" | head -c 60000)"
BODY="$BODY\n\n----\n\n<details>\n<summary>mjtest output</summary>\n\n$CODE_BLOCK_HEADER\n$MJ_OUTPUT\n$CODE_BLOCK_HEADER\n\n</details>"
BODY="$BODY\n\n----\n\n$CODE_BLOCK_HEADER\n$(fortune | cowsay -n)\n$CODE_BLOCK_HEADER"
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