Commit 5e49a59d authored by uqddy's avatar uqddy

Merge branch 'fix-brackets' into 'master'

Add brackets to fix basic x86 imul instruction

See merge request !2
parents d28ab914 65b5c4a6
......@@ -461,7 +461,7 @@ class MultInstruction(ThreeAddressCode):
def matches(cls, line: str):
return ThreeAddressCode.matches(line) and line.startswith("mul") or line.startswith("imul")
return ThreeAddressCode.matches(line) and (line.startswith("mul") or line.startswith("imul"))
def get_actual_instruction(self, opcode: str, reg_width: RegWidth):
return f"{opcode} {ConcreteRegister('d', reg_width)}"
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