Commit 2fa74185 authored by Manuel Mohr's avatar Manuel Mohr
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Remove -fno-strict-aliasing for 255.vortex: spec-makefiles also omits it.

parent 45111b11
......@@ -199,7 +199,6 @@ compat_flags["186.crafty"] = "-DSPEC_CPU2000"
compat_flags["252.eon"] = "-DHAS_ERRLIST"
compat_flags["253.perlbmk"] = "-DSPEC_CPU2000_NEED_BOOL -DSPEC_CPU2000_LINUX -DHASATTRIBUTE"
compat_flags["255.vortex"] = "-fno-strict-aliasing"
compat_flags["400.perlbench"] = "-DPERL_CORE -DSPEC_CPU"
compat_flags["403.gcc"] = "-DSPEC_CPU -DSPEC_CPU_HAVE_BOOL"
compat_flags["462.libquantum"] = "-DSPEC_CPU_LINUX"
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