Commit c7a2d371 authored by Manuel Mohr's avatar Manuel Mohr
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Fix typo.

parent 2916d706
......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ x86_64_flags["253.perlbmk"] = "-DSPEC_CPU2000_LP64 -DHAS_LONG_LONG -DSPEC_CPU200
x86_64_flags[""] = "-DSPEC_CPU2000_LP64"
x86_64_flags["255.vortex"] = "-DSPEC_CPU2000_LP64"
x86_64_flags["400.perlbench"] = "-DSPEC_CPU_LINUX_X64"
for bench in ["400.perlbench", "403.gcc", "436.cacutsADM", "453.povray",
for bench in ["400.perlbench", "403.gcc", "436.cactusADM", "453.povray",
x86_64_flags[bench] += " -DSPEC_CPU_LP64"
TARGET_ARCH_FLAGS["x86_64"] = x86_64_flags
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