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\chapter{New KIT employee?}

As a new employee at the KIT,
you should get a letter from the SCC after a few days.
In there you find access to your SCC account.
This enables you to use various services.
Most importantly, it gets you an @kit.edu e-mail adress.

\checkitem{I have received my KIT SCC account
  for my @kit.edu e-mail account.}

If you did not receive the letter,
you can visit the SCC help desk yourself
in building 20.20.

Get a shorter alias for your email address.

You also want your KITCard,
which you can use to pay for food at the Mensa, for example.
You get this card the library in building 30.50.
When you are there and got your card,
it is a good opportunity to unlock the library card functionality.
You need to use one of the PCs in the library.

\checkitem{Got my KITCard}

You can enable your KITCard to unlock various doors.
Call the key management of the facility management departement.
They need your KITCard number.


You probably want some keys, e.g.\ for your office.

Setup your profile website?

\checkitem{My profile page is up to date.}

LBV classic vs extra.

Institutions of the KIT use social media.
If you do as well,
you might want to follow them.
There is an overview at \url{http://www.kit.edu/kit/english/10103.php}.



KHYS for skill trainings.

What do I do with those students bothering me?


Reserving rooms?

We cannot help you with the details at \institute,
since this is very specific.
Ask your collegues,
they surely are a friendly bunch.