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......@@ -34,17 +34,44 @@ Call the key management~\footnote{%
of the facility management department at 43006.
They need your KITCard number.
As an employee of KIT,
you also have to invest into a pension insurance by the VBL.
By default, that will be \enquote{VBL Klassik},
but you can opt for \enquote{VBL Extra} instead.
If you believe that you will be employed at KIT for \emph{less} than five years,
then you should~\footnote{%
We give no warranty of any kind. Do not listen to us for financial advice.}
opt for Extra.
If the \emph{end date} of your contract
says you will be employed for more than five years,
you will be switched to Klassik automatically.
As an employee of KIT, you also have to invest into a pension insurance
offered by the \emph{Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder
(VBL)}, a government-founded insurance provider.
That requirement remains from the time when all KIT employees were
actually employed by the state.
By default, you will be enrolled to an insurance called \enquote{VBL
You can opt for the \enquote{VBL Extra} instead, if you are likely to be employed
at KIT for \emph{less} than five years~\footnote{
offer details on the VBL Klassik and Extra, respectively.}.
It could be argued that the \emph{VBL Extra} makes more sense for a
doctoral candidate.
However, if you plan a career as a public servant in Germany, the
\emph{VBL Klassik} could likely be the way to go.
In any case, do not listen to us for financial advice.
We give no warranty of any kind.
Take this information just as an FYI that you have a choice here.
You have to be enrolled in the \emph{Klassik} insurance for at least a
waiting period of five years before you are eligible for any services,
whereas in the \emph{Extra} you could receive insurance services right
from the begin.
If you opt for the \emph{Extra}, you will fall back into the
\emph{Klassik} when you get your contract renewed beyond
five years of employment at KIT -- that happens automagically right when
you renew your contract.
If you seek a career in public service in Germany, you could likely
carry on a \emph{Klassik} insurance to other public institutions (e.g.,
On the other hand, you can continue paying into an \emph{Extra}
insurance once you leave KIT (talk to VBL early, there are deadlines).
\checkitem{I have given the VBL Klassik / Extra choice some thought and
talked to someone knowledgeable about it.}
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