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......@@ -13,7 +13,10 @@ If you did not receive the letter,
you can visit the SCC help desk yourself
in building 20.20.
Get a shorter alias for your email address.
You can get a shorter email address,
at \href{}{}.
There is an \enquote{E-Mail Alias} option on the left.
You also want your KITCard,
which you can use to pay for food at the Mensa, for example.
......@@ -33,30 +36,48 @@ They need your KITCard number.
You probably want some keys, e.g.\ for your office.
Setup your profile website?
Since you are a member of some chair or institute,
you have a profile website there.
Check, if it is like you want it
and up to date.
\checkitem{My profile page is up to date.}
LBV classic vs extra.
LBV classic vs extra. \tod{research needed}
Institutions of the KIT use social media.
If you do as well,
you might want to follow them.
There is an overview at \url{}.
KHYS for skill trainings.
You have access to two computing centers.
The Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC)
is the campus-wide institution.
The Abteilung Technische InfraStruktur (ATIS)
is specific for the computer science department.
As a computer scientist,
you usually write some code
and you want to keep it in some repository.
If you like git,
the SCC provides Gitlab,
which gives you repository, issue tracker, wiki, and more
at \href{}{}.
If you prefer Subversion,
then the ATIS provides repository hosting.
The Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS)
provides various trainings.
As a doctoral researcher you are required to register there.
In return you can take participate in various workshops,
for example about writing or presenting.
What do I do with those students bothering me?
Reserving rooms?
Students are a precious resource,
at least the good ones.
Consider the bad ones as leadership training for you.
Students sometimes build useful stuff,
so treat them well.
We cannot help you with the details at \institute,
since this is very specific.
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