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DEPS=$(shell find . -name "*.tex") $(shell find . -name "*.sty")
default: $(BASE).pdf
$(BUILD)/$(BASE).pdf: $(BASE).tex $(DEPS)
mkdir -p $(BUILD)
TEXINPUTS=$(TEXINPUTS):style latexmk -f -pdf -jobname=build/$(BASE) $<
$(BASE).pdf: $(BUILD)/$(BASE).pdf
mv $< $@ # atomic update
cp $@ $<
.PHONY: show clean
show: $(BASE).pdf
gnome-open $< || open $<
rm -rf build
\def\fullname{Max Mustermann}
\def\version{2016-05-02 draft}
% binding correction (BCOR) von 1cm für Leimbindung
\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % encoding of sources
\author{Doktorandenkonvent Informatik}
Hello \fullname,
Welcome to Computer Science at KIT!
This is the quickstart document
by the Doktorandenkonvent,
the group of all doctoral researcher (PhD students)
in the computer science department at the KIT.
We want you to feel welcome and at home here.
For an easier start,
this document provides various tips and check lists.
\chapter{New to KIT?}
\checkitem{I have received my KIT SCC account,
e.g. for my e-mail account.}
\chapter{New as Doctoral Researcher?}
\usepackage{csquotes} % provides \enquote{} macro for "quotes"
\usepackage{hypcap} % hyperref fix
\usepackage[nameinlink,noabbrev]{cleveref} % better references
\node[draw,ultra thick,minimum height=18pt,minimum width=18pt] at (-7mm,1mm) { };
%%% Title Page %%%
\usepackage{titling} % for \thetitle command
\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
% Seitenrahmen zeichnen.
\draw[semithick,rounded corners=0.5cm]
($(current page.north west) + ( 1cm,-1cm)$) --
($(current page.north east) + (-1cm,-1cm)$) --
($(current page.south east) + (-1cm, 1.5cm)$);
\draw[semithick,rounded corners=0.5cm]
($(current page.south east) + (-1cm, 1.5cm)$) --
($(current page.south west) + ( 1cm, 1.5cm)$) --
($(current page.north west) + ( 1cm,-1cm)$);
% Logo einbinden.
\node[anchor=north west] (logo) at ($(current page.north west) + (1.75cm,-1.5cm)$)
\node[anchor=north west] (title) at ($(logo.south east) + (0cm, -6cm)$)
% Korrekter Zeilenabstand etc. durch Minipage.
\node[anchor=north west,yshift=-2cm] (name) at (title.south west) {
\Large\theauthor \\[1cm]
for \fullname \\[1cm]
Version: \version
% Fußzeile, unten zentriert.
\node[anchor=south] (footnote) at ($(current |- current page.south) + (0cm, 0.65cm)$)
\tiny{}KIT -- Die Forschungsuniversität in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft
%%% TikZ helper %%%
\fill[color=#1] plot[smooth cycle, tension=#2] coordinates{#3} -- cycle;
\recalctypearea % necessary if e.g. somebody changes fonts
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