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......@@ -68,29 +68,33 @@ A few ideas to get started:
This gives you karma, experience, and maybe even co-authorship.
After roughly one year,
the next step is to sign a
\enquote{doctoral agreement (Promotionsvereinbarung)}
with your advisor.
This is required by law (LHG BaWü §38 (5)).
The steps to become an \emph{official} doctoral researcher are:
\item You and your advisor sign a doctoral agreement (Promotions\-vereinbarung)
\item Send signed doctoral agreement to the faculty
\item Register at KHYS
\item Apply for acceptance at the faculty
You should start this process after roughly one year
and the doctoral agreement might limit the time until step four.
The doctoral agreement is required by law (LHG BaWü §38 (5)).
There are a few requirements what must be in there
and the faculty has a template.
However, this is a contract between you and your advisor.
You are free to change it
and we encourage you to negotiate.
and we encourage you read carefully and to negotiate.
In rare cases,
this leads to conflict with your advisor.
Be glad, you found out already!
\checkitem{Looked into doctoral agreement stuff}
After about two years,
you should be officially accepted as a candidate by the faculty.
This requires some paper work
and even to chose a provisional title for your thesis.
The doctoral agreement requires a provisional title of your thesis.
You can easily change it, so don't let this discourage you.
Being officially accepted mostly gives you some security.
If you advisor is run over by a bus,
Being officially accepted gives you some security.
If your advisor is run over by a bus,
the faculty is still responsible for you and your thesis.
\checkitem{Officially accepted as PhD candidate by faculty}
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