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\def\fullname{Max Mustermann}
\def\version{2016-05-02 draft}
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% binding correction (BCOR) von 1cm für Leimbindung
\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % encoding of sources
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Hello \fullname,
Welcome to Computer Science at KIT!
Welcome to the computer science department at the KIT!
This is the quickstart document
by the Doktorandenkonvent,
the group of all doctoral researcher (PhD students)
the group of all doctoral researchers (PhD students)
in the computer science department at the KIT.
We want you to feel welcome and at home here.
We want you to feel welcome and at home here,
while you work at the \institute.
For an easier start,
this document provides various tips and check lists.
You will find boxes in the margins.
These are meant to be checked,
if the item next to it is done.
\checkitem{I have understood the introduction up to this point.}
This document is work in progress.
If you find things missing or wrong,
please tell us or fix it yourself.
Information for contribution is at the end.
\chapter{New to KIT?}
\checkitem{I have received my KIT SCC account,
e.g. for my e-mail account.}
As a new employee at the KIT,
you should get a letter from the SCC after a few days.
In there you find access to your SCC account.
This enables you to use various services.
Most importantly, it gets you an e-mail adress.
\checkitem{I have received my KIT SCC account
for my e-mail account.}
If you did not receive the letter,
you can visit the SCC help desk yourself.
Get a shorter alias for your email address.
You also want your Fricard,
which you can use to pay for food at the Mensa, for example.
You get this card the library \tod{where?}.
When you are there and got your card,
it is a good opportunity to unlock the library card functionality.
You need to use one of the PCs in the library.
\checkitem{Got my Fricard}
You can enable your Fricard to unlock various doors.
You probably want some keys, e.g.\ for your office.
Setup your profile website?
LBV classic vs extra.
Institutions of the KIT use social media.
If you do as well,
you might want to follow them.
There is an overview at \url{}.
KHYS for skill trainings.
What do I do with those students bothering me?
\todo{below is for debugging}
\checkitem{I have received my KIT SCC account
for my e-mail account.}
\chapter{New as Doctoral Researcher?}
What am I supposed to do as a researcher?
\item do proper science
\item write great papers
\item present your work
\item get a PhD
If you want to get a PhD in computer science at the KIT,
then you implicitly are part of the Doktorandenkonvent.
We want to help each other.
If you can contribute,
please do so.
......@@ -28,10 +30,10 @@
\node[draw,ultra thick,minimum height=18pt,minimum width=18pt] at (-7mm,1mm) { };
\node[draw,ultra thick,minimum height=18pt,minimum width=18pt] at (0,0) {};
%%% Title Page %%%
......@@ -61,15 +63,10 @@
% Korrekter Zeilenabstand etc. durch Minipage.
\node[anchor=north west,yshift=-2cm] (name) at (title.south west) {
\Large\theauthor \\[1cm]
for \fullname \\[1cm]
Version: \version
{\huge{\thetitle}} \\[2cm]
by \theauthor \\[1cm]
for \fullname \\[4cm]
{\small Version: \version}
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