• 3dc490a8 ADD: arm_7 and arm64_7 build targets on linux
  • 80f9b652 Added executable permission to dehydrated_multitoken.
  • a6f6d170 Added the full ACME challenge to debug output
  • 1d362a42 Added wrapper around dehydrated_netvs_hook for traefik's ACME client.
  • f06ef7e0 Fix: Set DNS query protocol to TCP to prevent empty responses when too many TXT records exist for a single domain.
  • 9fe708b2 Fixed that some documented environment variable did not work
  • 57e36589 Release v0.5.4
  • d7079bc8 Renamed dns-wait to no-dns-wait.
  • aa3b487b Updated changelog for release 0.5.3