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Better error message on missing CN

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......@@ -69,14 +69,14 @@ var requestCmd = &cobra.Command{
// check cn
if viper.GetString("cn") == "" {
log.Fatal("Please specify a common name (»CN«)")
log.Fatal("Please specify a common name (»CN«) via --cn")
// clean up CommonName
cnCleanUp := strings.NewReplacer("Ä", "Ae", "Ö", "Oe", "Ü", "Ue", "ä", "ae", "ö", "oe", "ü", "ue", "ß", "ss")
commonName = viper.GetString("cn")
commonNameCleaned := cnCleanUp.Replace(commonName)
if commonNameCleaned != viper.GetString("cn") {
if commonNameCleaned != commonName {
log.Printf("Transcribed illegal characters in cn »%s«: »%s«", commonName, commonNameCleaned)
viper.Set("cn", commonNameCleaned)
commonName = commonNameCleaned
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