Commit 9975b517 authored by Heiko Reese's avatar Heiko Reese
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parent c4089a2f
......@@ -73,9 +73,9 @@ func ValidityToName(v int) string {
func CreateAllWatchers(certRepoDir string) map[int]*AttributeState {
var allWatcherData = map[int][]WatchForSymlinkChange{
WatchValid: []WatchForSymlinkChange{
{filepath.Join(certRepoDir, "Valid"), Valid},
{filepath.Join(certRepoDir, "Expired"), Expired},
{filepath.Join(certRepoDir, "Revoked"), Revoked},
{filepath.Join(certRepoDir, "Validity/Valid"), Valid},
{filepath.Join(certRepoDir, "Validity/Expired"), Expired},
{filepath.Join(certRepoDir, "Validity/Revoked"), Revoked},
var watchers = make(map[int]*AttributeState)
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