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......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ netstat -v -W -e -o -p -n > netstat_vWeopn.txt
netstat -v -W -e -o -p -n -l > netstat_vWeopnl.txt
# same without --numeric
netstat -v -W -e -o -p > netstat_vWeop.txt
netstat -v -W -e -o -p -l > netstat_vWeop.txt
netstat -v -W -e -o -p -l > netstat_vWeop.txt
Redo using `ss` if available:
......@@ -148,4 +148,26 @@ for table in filter mangle raw; do ip6tables -n -t ${table} -L -v -x > ip6tables
for table in filter nat broute; do ebtables -L --Lmac2 --Lc -t ${table} > ebtables_L_Lmac_Lc_t_${table}.txt; done
### Process State
Save process table:
ps auxwwwe > ps_auxwwwe.txt
Formatting of certain columns seems to be broken in many versions of `ps`, so
we have to add the :xxxxx-postfixes to enforce wide columns. This is not meant
for human consumption:
ps wwwe -A -o pid,ppid,sess,tname,tpgid,comm,f,uid,euid,rgid,ruid,gid,egid,fgid,ouid,pgid,sgid,suid,supgid,suser,pidns,unit,label,time,lstart,lsession,seat,machine,ni,wchan,etime,%cpu,%mem,cgroup:65535,args:65535 > ps_dump_e.txt
ps www -A -o pid,ppid,sess,tname,tpgid,comm,f,uid,euid,rgid,ruid,gid,egid,fgid,ouid,pgid,sgid,suid,supgid,suser,pidns,unit,label,time,lstart,lsession,seat,machine,ni,wchan,etime,%cpu,%mem,cgroup:65535,args:65535 > ps_dump.txt
Something more human-readable:
pstree -a -l -p -u > pstree_alpu.txt
pstree -a -l -p -u -Z > pstree_alpuZ.txt
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