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Turns out: this does not work at all :-)

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......@@ -246,23 +246,10 @@ gdb -nh -batch -ex gcore -p ${PID}
We have not found a way to dump the cores directly into an unnamed pipe and out
into the net. There's a workaround using a named pipe, but you have to find
a good place to put it. We recommend using a tmpfs (either existing or create
a new one for this). As a bonus, this enables us to compress the coredump using
whatever compression software we have available:
# change path accordingly
mkfifo ${MYFIFO}
# either run this command in the background (append &) or in another shell
cat ${MYFIFO} | [gzip|bzip2|xz|lzop] -c > core.${PID}
gdb -nh -batch -ex "gcore ${MYFIFO}" -p ${PID}
into the net. Using FIFOs does not work because gdb needs to seek within the
file while writing it. Using a tmpfs might fails because some coredumps can get
pretty big. There are nor widely available and stable compressing filesystems
available for linux.
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