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......@@ -96,7 +96,13 @@ storage and that your current working directory is set accordingly.
Some programs have rather unstable commandline parameters, please adjust
accordingly (if possible, use `--help` instead of the manpage to find out). You
can find the long version (if applicable) as comment above every command,
can find the long versions (if applicable) as comments above every command.
Some modern Linux systems have SELinux enabled. Run `getenforce` to find out if
SELinux is enforcing, permissive, or disabled. If the state is enforcing, we
need to get selinux information when applicable. Most tools provide a switch
`-Z` for that. Such commands are marked with a special comment like
`# SELinux: add "-Z"`.
### Network state
......@@ -110,15 +116,16 @@ netstat -v -W -e -o -p > netstat_vWeop.txt
netstat -v -W -e -o -p -l > netstat_vWeop.txt
Redo using `ss` if it is installed:
Redo using `ss` if available:
# SELinux: add "-Z"
# --options --extended --processes --info --numeric (--listening )
ss -o -e -p -i -n > ss_oepin.txt
ss -o -e -p -i -n -l > ss_oepinl.txt
# same without --numeric
ss -o -e -p -i > ss_oepi.txt
ss -o -e -p -i -l > ss_oepil.txt
ss -o -e -p -i > ss_oepi.txt
ss -o -e -p -i -l > ss_oepil.txt
Dump arp cache:
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