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edit arg parse arguments

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......@@ -44,12 +44,15 @@ def run_graph2_0(img_path, segm_path, res_path, delta_t=3, default_roi_size=2):
if __name__ == '__main__':
from argparse import ArgumentParser
PARSER = ArgumentParser(description='Tracking KIT-Sch-GE')
PARSER.add_argument('--image_path', type=str)
PARSER = ArgumentParser(description='Tracking KIT-Sch-GE.')
PARSER.add_argument('--image_path', type=str, help='path to the folder containing the raw images.')
PARSER.add_argument('--segmentation_path', type=str, help='path to the folder containing the segmentation images.')
PARSER.add_argument('--results_path', type=str, help='path where to store the tracking results. '
'If the results path is the same as the segmentation'
'_path the segmentation images will be overwritten.')
PARSER.add_argument('--delta_t', type=int, default=3)
PARSER.add_argument('--default_roi_size', type=int, default=2)
ARGS = PARSER.parse_args()
SEGM_PATH = Path(ARGS.image_path).as_posix() + '_RES'
run_graph2_0(ARGS.image_path, SEGM_PATH, SEGM_PATH, ARGS.delta_t, ARGS.default_roi_size)
run_graph2_0(ARGS.image_path, ARGS.segmentation_path, ARGS.results_path, ARGS.delta_t, ARGS.default_roi_size)
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