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this is <issue8_libdatrwxx_handle_full_SeismicUnix_headers.txt>
libdatrwxx: handle full SeismicUnix headers
This refers to tickets #81 and #82 in TFSoftware:
libdatrwxx looses the rich content of SeismicUnix headers upon reading data
files. By passing the contents in the trace FREE block in well formatted
character strings they could be made available to the SeismicUnix writing
functions and thus could appropriately be restored in the output file.
SeismicUnix input/output is provided in source code found at
src/libs/libdatrwxx/su. The SU module in libdatrwxx currently does neither
produce trace free blocks of type sff::FREE (in function void
isustream::readheader()) not does it write such blocks (in function void
osustream::writetrace(const Tfseries::Tcoc& series)). Appropriate evaluation of
Seismic Unix trace header fields and conversion to and from sff::FREE
containers should be implemented as member function of datrw::su::SUheader in
Niklas, if you plan to work on this, a discussion of implementation strategy
and data containers provided and used in libdatrwxx might be helpful or even
A remark taken from TFSoftware ticket #81:
Since the different header fields are of different variable type, the functions
behind suascii are quite elaborate. Although they are straight forward, it
would require an additional amount of code to implement this functionality. Its
usefulness within the framework of libdatrwxx is questionable. See
as well as
and others.
----- END OF issue8_libdatrwxx_handle_full_SeismicUnix_headers.txt -----
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