Commit 04fd46ca authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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grepg [WP]: reorganize option list

options were listed in chronological order of implementation;
organize them instead in groups of similar topic
parent 98d2ed4a
......@@ -115,6 +115,7 @@ c V2.41 03/11/11 resolved a fatal error when addressing the data array
c for scaling gabor matrix values
c V2.42 06/02/17 support colored dispersion curve on white
c background (implemented in grepg_dopicks.f)
c V2.43 11/12/19 reorganize usage information
program grepg
......@@ -128,7 +129,7 @@ c
character titleformat*130
c program version:
character*79 version
parameter(version='GREPG V2.42 plot Fourier-Bessel coefficients')
parameter(version='GREPG V2.43 plot Fourier-Bessel coefficients')
c declare variables for io
character*200 filename
......@@ -235,25 +236,29 @@ c======================================================================
c give basic information
print *,version
print *,
&'Usage: grepg filename [-d dev] [-i] [-c] [-r L,dx] [-R|I] [-L]'
&'Usage: grepg filename [-v] [-P] [-D]'
print *,' ',
&' [-q] [-p p] [-g] [-l width] [-s] [-P] [-S]'
&' [-d dev] [-G file] [-F file] [-ff file]'
print *,' ',
&' [-m lim] [-G file] [-H ch] [-F file] [-v]'
&' [-R|I] [-L] [-p p] [-E]'
print *,' ',
&' [-N c,w] [-T title] [-X label] [-Y label] [-W]'
&' [-C] [-a a,g] [-Pr] [-O i,m,s]'
print *,' ',
&' [-n value] [-A label] [-M lim] [-C] [-B label]'
&' [-S] [-t n,m] [-Q] [-K o,t]'
print *,' ',
&' [-O i,m,s] [-a a,g] [-f n] [-t n,m] [-Q] [-e lim]'
&' [-s] [-st] [-f n] [-N c,w]'
print *,' ',
&' [-K o,t] [-b width] [-x R,G,B] [-y R,G,B] [-h]'
&' [-n value] [-M limit] [-e limit] [-m limit]'
print *,' ',
&' [-Fc r,g,b,w] [-Ah h] [-t n,m] [-Ta anno]'
&' [-q] [-g] [-l w] [-H ch] [-W] [-b w] [-c] [-Fc r,g,b,w]'
print *,' ',
&' [-FC n] [-Fl n] [-Pr] [-Ww w]'
&' [-T title] [-Ta anno] [-X label] [-Y label] [-A label]'
print *,' ',
&' [-ff filename] [-st]'
&' [-Ah h] [-B label] [-x r,g,b] [-y r,g,b] [-h] [-i]'
print *,' ',
&' [-FC n] [-Fl n] [-Ww w]'
print *,' ',
&' [-r L,dx]'
print *,
&'or: grepg -help'
call tf_seitosh_reference
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