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issue25 [NOTE]: comment regarding time correction field

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......@@ -3,6 +3,30 @@ this is <issue25-libdatrwxx-miniseed-consistency-checks.txt>
libdatrwxx: MiniSEED consistency checks
Final note:
Without data which would use the time correction field in the Fixed
Section of Data Header I cannot test the mechnism for consistency.
The SEED Manual itself is not fully conclusive in this respect:
On page 108 of "SEED Reference Manual, Standard for the Exchange of Earthquake
Data, SEED Format Version 2.4, August, 2012":
note 16: LONG: Time correction. This field contains a value that may modify
the field 8 record start time. Depending on the setting of bit 1 in field
12, the record start time may have already been adjusted. The units are in
0.0001 seconds.
The correction field accordingly may carry a sign. It is implemented in
datrw::mseed::SEED::FixedDataRecordHeader as "int tcorr". It is applied
accordingly in libtime::TAbsoluteTime datrw::mseed::MiniSEEDRecord::date()
The SEED Manual misses to define whether the correction should be added or
As a reminder:
- check application of time correction before finishing this issue
time correction is not part of this issue, however Chad Trabant has made a
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