Commit 0f1dca3b authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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ts/croposp/tests [TASK]: adjust test suite parameters

discard samples at beginning of trace in case filters result in transient
response to beginning of trace
parent 8584e858
......@@ -192,14 +192,20 @@ cpsdbg2mod.bin: cpsdbg1mod.bin
printf "dif 0.\nend\n" \
| tidofi -type bin -Type bin -v -o -cs $@ $<
# discard transient filter response
%X.bin: %.bin
tijerasxx --verbose --overwrite --iformat bin --oformat bin \
--secondsf $(DISCARDS) $@ $<
# add common noise signal to channel specific noise floor
cpsd1add.bin: cpsd1mod.bin cpsdbg1mod.bin
cpsd1add.bin: cpsd1modX.bin cpsdbg1modX.bin
teseco -v -o -a -type bin -Type bin $@ $^
cpsd2add.bin: cpsd2mod.bin cpsdbg1mod.bin
cpsd2add.bin: cpsd2modX.bin cpsdbg1modX.bin
teseco -v -o -a -type bin -Type bin $@ $^
cpsd3add.bin: cpsd3mod.bin cpsdbg1mod.bin
cpsd3add.bin: cpsd3modX.bin cpsdbg1modX.bin
teseco -v -o -a -type bin -Type bin $@ $^
cpsd4add.bin: cpsd4mod.bin cpsdbg2mod.bin
cpsd4add.bin: cpsd4modX.bin cpsdbg2modX.bin
teseco -v -o -a -type bin -Type bin $@ $^
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -249,7 +255,7 @@ cpsd4.bin: cpsd4hd.bin
# ===================
# set croposp options
......@@ -314,7 +320,7 @@ $(CPSD_RAWFILES)
psd%.001.asc: cpsd%.bin
foutra -v -o -type bin -ASCII=$(patsubst cpsd%.bin,psd%,$<) \
-power -rbw=0.1 -demean -detrend -logascii=0.1 -avgascii \
-nsegments=20 $^
-nsegments=$(CPSD_NSEGMENTS) $^
# convert foutra output to the file format expected by psd%.001.asc
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