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[CLOSE] (stf_issue12): issue is solved

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this is <issue12_libstfinv_and_soutifu_improve_user_documentation.txt>
libstfinv and soutifu: improve user documentation
User documentation still is not fully satisfactory.
Steps to take:
- provide a guide to documentation including mutual cross-references for
libstfinv and soutifu
* cross-references are given in src/libs/libstfinv/README
- provide a useful preliminary version of the LaTeX documentation
* is prepared in src/libs/libstfinv/doc
- provide a step-by-step example
* is provided in src/ts/wf/testcases/README.soutifu
- provide a toy-example
* is provided in src/ts/wf/testcases/Makefile.soutifu
----- END OF issue12_libstfinv_and_soutifu_improve_user_documentation.txt -----
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