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[NOTE] (whatscooking): issue8: notes regarding hdr.h from Seismic Unix

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......@@ -44,4 +44,16 @@ SU41/src/su/include/offsets.h
and others.
Seismic Unix uses src/su/include/hdr.h which provides as struct associating
data header fieldѕnames with header field type and offset. This C header file
is generated automatically by C programs and shell scripts in src/su/include
on the basis of the contents of src/su/include/segy.h
For the current task, I recommend to simple copy and use src/su/include/hdr.h
from the Seismic Unix installation directory, just like we use
src/su/include/segy.h An update of hdr.h is only necessary upon a modification
of segy.h, which can both be accomplished by a vendor drop.
----- END OF issue8_libdatrwxx_handle_full_SeismicUnix_headers.txt -----
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