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provide informations on library locations

This is a legacy commit from before 2015-03-01.
It may be incomplete as well as inconsistent.
See COPYING.legacy and README.history for details.

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SVN Revision: 3668
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......@@ -109,6 +109,18 @@ Environment variables in Makefiles
Most libraries are available from subdirectory src/libs in the repository.
Just call 'make install' in this subdirectory.
Libraries available from other places are:
in subdirectory src/green/gremlin1/cxx
in subdirectory src/synt/ref/refmet
libginmod.a, libgindat.a, libgininv.a, libginpar.a, libginpg.a, libgin.a,
in subdirectory src/green/gremlin1/libs
The library packages depend on each other. If you start compiling from
scratch, you should install them in the following order:
libaff: base library, depends only on common system libraries
......@@ -131,7 +143,8 @@ Libraries
The code also depends on some external libraries:
liblapack, libblas, libgslcblas, libgsl, libboost, libfftw3
liblapack, libblas, libgslcblas, libgsl, libboost, libfftw3, libpgplot
For these libraries the appropriate header files are required too.
The libraries required are usually listed in the preamble of the individual
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