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[WP][FIX][API][!!!] (ticket10): move time series i/o to libtsioxx

This is a legacy commit from before 2015-03-01.
It may be incomplete as well as inconsistent.
See COPYING.legacy and README.history for details.

Advance time series input/output module is moved to a dedicated library
libtsioxx. This hopefully breaks the undesired bilateral dependency between
libtsxx and libtfxx. libtsioxx then depends on libtfxx as well as liibtsxx

The interface to time series input/output modules changes for application
programs. Application programs must be adjusted appropriatedly.

The interface formerly provided by libtfxx is used by stuploxx:
./ts/stuploxx/utilitystructures.h:#include <tfxx/readtsdata.h>
./ts/stuploxx/datatrace.h:#include <tfxx/readtsdata.h>
./ts/stuploxx/datafile.h:#include <tfxx/readtsdata.h>

The interface formerly provided by libtsxx is used by several application
./conv/misc/ <tsxx/sffheaders.h>
./ts/wf/ <tsxx/sffheaders.h>
./ts/wf/ <tsxx/sffheaders.h>
./ts/wf/ <tsxx/sffheaders.h>
./ts/wf/ <tsxx/sffheaders.h>
./ts/wf/ <tsxx/sffheaders.h>
./ts/wf/ <tsxx/sffheaders.h>
./ts/cal/ <tsxx/sffheaders.h>
./ts/stuploxx/datatrace.h:#include <tsxx/sffheaders.h>
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