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libtsxx [WP][DOC]: add to class and function documentation

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......@@ -93,6 +93,18 @@ namespace ts {
}; // class ExceptionTimeWindowEmpty
/*! \brief Interface to time series interpolator
* This is the interpolator base class. It is a virtual base class in that
* the base class itself provides not functionality. It only defines the
* common API for interpolators. Derived classes provide actual
* interpolation through the virtual member operator
* Interpolator::operator()(const libtime::TAbsoluteTime& t) which must be
* implemented in the derived class.
* The interpolator holds the input time series as member data. In that
* sense it can be considered a browser into the time series data. The
* member operator can be used to read sample values for any time value
* for which an interpolated sample value is desired.
* \ingroup ipo
......@@ -115,11 +127,29 @@ namespace ts {
}; // class Interpolator
/*! \brief function to resample data
* This function provides resampling on the base of a reference to an
* instance of an interpolator class (containing the input time series)
* and a definition of sampling in terms of the time of the first sample,
* a sampling interval and the desired number of samples.
* Optionally this function adjusts the time window for which resampling
* is done to a time span inside the time window for which input data is
* available. In this case the time of the first sample is adjusted such
* that it is offset from the originally requested time by an integer
* number of sampling intervals.
* If the option \p shrink is not used, exception
* ipo::ExceptionTimeWindowOutside will be thrown if not all of the
* requested sample values are within the time window of the original
* series.
* \param ip reference to a waveform interpolator
* \param first time of first sample in new time series
* \param dt sampling interval of new time series
* \param n number of samples in new time series
* \param shrink if true, shrink time window such, that input data is
* available for the whole window
* \return resampled time series with time header fields adjusted
* \ingroup ipo
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