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[TASK][DOC] (CHANGELOG): refract is advanced to new version

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......@@ -3,6 +3,15 @@ this is <CHANGELOG>
Recent development in Seitosh (bug fixes, new features, etc)
08.02.2016 (33d32e44b): fix zero-offset scaling issue in refract
refract used to fail in multiple ways is zero-offset traces were to be
scaled with an offset dependent factor. With this commit refract is advanced
to version 4.14 which is robust against zero-offset traces. For scaling
exponents larger than zero any zero offset trace is scaled to a straight
line as is expected to for the scaling definition. Negative exponents are
04.11.2015 (db684f2e1): pamo supports various input file formats
27.10.2015 (b95726e01): Make Seitosh less system specific
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