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ts/wf/cross [WP]: define handling of sample times

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......@@ -103,10 +103,38 @@ int main(int iargc, char* argv[])
"--xhelp print details on supported I/O formats\n"
"The first trace read will be taken as a reference. All other\n"
"traces will be cross-correlated with the reference." "\n"
"traces will be cross-correlated with the reference or convolved\n"
"with the reference. Convolution and cross-correlation are understood\n"
"as an approximation to the corresponding integral form. Consequently\n"
"the sampling interval of time series must be identical and the\n"
"result of the discrete operation will be scaled with the sampling\n"
"interval." "\n"
"Data time will be handled as follows:\n"
" The reference series is understood as the impulse response of a\n"
" filter which s to be applied to the other input series. If a\n"
" source date is given in the file of the reference trace, this will\n"
" be taken as the origin of time, allowing for acausal impulse\n"
" response. If it is missing, the first sample of the reference (filter\n"
" impulse response) is understood to be at lag=0s. The date of the\n"
" first sample of the output trace is set to account for possible\n"
" acausal parts of the filter response. Source definition is taken\n"
" only from the first of the input files and is passed unaltered to\n"
" the output.\n"
" Each input trace is cross-correlated with the reference trace.\n"
" When calculating the lag time, absolute time of the first sample\n"
" of each of the traces is taken into account. Absolute time of the\n"
" output is set with respect to the source time. The source time is\n"
" taken from the file header of the reference trace. If a source time\n"
" is missing there, it will be set to a default value.\n"
"If option -convolve is selected, all traces will be convolved with\n"
"the reference trace.\n"
// define commandline options
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