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[CLOSE] (issue17): issue is resolved

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this is <issue17_any2matlab_provide_binary_network_installation.txt>
any2matlab: provide binary network installation
In order to provide any2matlab in a routine network installation of binary
executables, the Makefile in subdirectory src/matlab/any2matlab requires an
install target which robustly executes on different platforms and can handle
platforms without Matlab installation. The latter should be feasible. The
first might be a bigger problem, since the Matlab compiler mex is compatible
only with a limited numer of (outdated) GCC versions. See
To complicate the situation: The compatible compiler versions depend on the
Matlab Release.
any2matlab compilation on stina works "out of the box".
The path to any2matlab should be set in the bashrc file by
This is included in tfbashrc in TFSoftware/scr/util/distrib
@ap8391 , @yt6233: I installed any2matlab in the network binary executable
distribution. It should be available right after login. To test this, you
should move your own installation out of the way. I recommend to do this be
renaming your local '$HOME/lib' to '$HOME/lib.disabled' and '$HOME/bin' to
'$HOME/bin.disabled'. After doing so, close your terminal window, open a new
terminal window, call 'matlab' and test reading a file with function
'any2matlab'. I wait for your progress reports before making this modification
available officially. Currently the modified version lives on branch
----- END OF issue17_any2matlab_provide_binary_network_installation.txt -----
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