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issue 27 [NEW]: stuploxx: adjust origin of time scale

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issue 27: stuploxx: origin of time scale shall be adjusted dynamically in interactive mode
Behavior in interative mode:
reload (r): data is regenerated and reloaded. The displayed time window
remains unchanged, the new data may (partially or completely) lie outside the
displayed time window. This behavior appears reasonable.
timewindow init (t-i): The displayed time window is adapted to the available
data. Now all the data that have been read in are shown in the time window.
The timescale is correct.
The problem reported here relates to the origin of the time axis from which
the counting starts (midnight on a specified date). This origin remains
unchanged with a reload or t-i. If a seismogram window in interactive mode
remains open for several days, time is counted from an origin far in the past.
That makes the timescale difficult to read.
Whether this is a feature or a bug can be discussed. In practice we rarely use
persistent interactive windows. Whether the main goal of interactive windows
is to stay open for days can also be discussed.
However, it is also a fact that windows in auto-refresh mode dynamically adjust their time origin. So: it works (just needs to be implemented).
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