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CHANGELOG [DOC]: advertise recent development

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......@@ -3,6 +3,14 @@ this is <CHANGELOG>
Recent development in Seitosh (bug fixes, new features, etc)
14.02.2017: libsffxx, evelo, gretap
- commit a007d24: gretap: offer new option -0 to set default weight
- commit 723f1c1: fix libsffxx: limit number of characters in string fields
- commit e35af23: fix evelo: set correct default for option flag
06.02.2017: grepg
- commit c6a8683: support colored dispersion curve on white background
05.01.2017: stuploxx
- commit 538da9d: fix: properly handle negative offsets to reference time
when picking time windows in interactive mode
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