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[TASK][DOC] (seitosh): provide basic installation instructions

This is a legacy commit from before 2015-03-01.
It may be incomplete as well as inconsistent.
See COPYING.legacy and README.history for details.

Installation instructions should be completely reorganized, making use of the
gitlab project's wiki too. As first step, this rudimentary file must serve as
a makeshift.
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How to install seitosh
The documentation of this repository is not yet tailored to support
direct installation, although repective tools are available.
Available README files are provided with snapshop packages
(tar-balls) in mind. Nevertheless they provide all necessary
Recommended steps to take
1. Read [src/pakete/README.1st](src/pakete/README.1st)
which is written with tar-balls in mind.
You will not use the shell script ** but
its appropriate counterpart
provides a reasonable overview.
2. Read [src/pakete/README.compile](src/pakete/README.compile)
which provides a thourough overview over requirements and
environment variables expected by Makefiles.
3. Read [src/README.pgplot](src/README.pgplot)
to understand how to install the PGPLOT library, which is
required by programs producing graphical output.
4. Once you feel ready (having installed all required compilers
and external libaries, having set all expected environment
variable) change to directory [src](src) and use the shell
script [src/](src/ by issuing the
command install
Further resources of information
is the wiki accompanying the repository
is the predecessor of Seitosh
discusses the installation procedure in detail
describes the installation of the PGPLOT library
is an incomplete directory of programs
provides documentation for source-code subdirectories; however,
not all of them have been transferred to Seitosh and not all Seitosh
directories are mentioned there
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