Commit 43d41fcf authored by thomas.forbriger's avatar thomas.forbriger
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ts/plot/stuplo [FEATURE]: new option -st: adjust time scale to source

parent f1eadbaa
......@@ -922,7 +922,10 @@ c
if (trace.eq.ntraces) fbotlab=.true.
botlabel=' '
if ((trace.eq.ntraces).or.(.not.(optscalex))) then
if (optabstime) then
if (optsrcetime) then
botlabel='time since source event / sec'
if (opttbox) botlabel='time since source event'
elseif (optabstime) then
botlabel='time since midnight / sec'
if (opttbox) botlabel='time since midnight'
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