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[STATUS] (any2matlab): first test phase

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......@@ -22,4 +22,18 @@ The path to any2matlab should be set in the bashrc file by
This is included in tfbashrc in TFSoftware/scr/util/distrib
@ap8391 , @yt6233: I installed any2matlab in the network binary executable
distribution. It should be available right after login. To test this, you
should move your own installation out of the way. I recommend to do this be
renaming your local '$HOME/lib' to '$HOME/lib.disabled' and '$HOME/bin' to
'$HOME/bin.disabled'. After doing so, close your terminal window, open a new
terminal window, call 'matlab' and test reading a file with function
'any2matlab'. I wait for your progress reports before making this modification
available officially. Currently the modified version lives on branch
----- END OF issue17_any2matlab_provide_binary_network_installation.txt -----
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